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No, not the delicious oils we use in our kitchens… this is much more serious than that.

As a business, we stand for sustainability. We always have done. We are proud to be a part of the wider Dorset community and have always been committed to serving and supporting our region. We support local food and drink producers by creating our menus using fresh, local, seasonal produce. We hire a talented team of over 25 local staff. Sustainability can only be truly achieved when the whole team work together to deliver our sustainability charter.

We care deeply for the environment that we live and work in and want to keep it in good shape for generations to come. Needless to say, we were horrified to hear the news of a potential planned oil rig operation which has been proposed to be erected in Poole Bay. Oil firm Corallian Energy has proposed to place their rig just 8km from Studland which would not only create a visual eye sore but could also have devastating effects on local marine life if a leak were to occur.

One of our Directors, Molly Beales, along with her two children and scores of other local protestors, gathered on Bournemouth Beach to encourage local residents to sign a petition to ban such a move. Molly said: “We need to stand up to this for our children’s sake. The risk of leak is just too high and would ultimately damage the quality of life for local residents, marine conservation as well as the local economy – not to mention the negative impact it could have on our buoyant tourism sector.

Our Managing Director, Tony Beales, added: “We need to support local fishermen. Dorset is so lucky to have the amazing seafood coming from our region. The last thing we want to see is contaminated fish and shell fish.

We’d like to encourage you, our friends and supporters, to also back this campaign and sign this petition. Our local government representatives will stand up for us, but only if we take this initial action and highlight the potential dangers to us, our families and our businesses.

Thank you for your kind support!