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This month, we have a fabulous dish for you with fresh summer flavours! Let Tony show you how to make this simple and delicious fish dish using fresh hake and stunning chorizo!

Serves 4 people

4 x 6oz hake fillets (with the skin on and bones and scales removed)
Black olives (finely chopped to crust fish with)
500g Maris piper potatoes (peeled and washed)
Butter & cream (or milk) for the mash
1 onion
4 cloves of garlic
1 glass white wine
Splash of olive oil
150g green beans
Fresh broad beans
Fresh peas
350g cherry tomatoes cut in half
Fresh basil
Fresh oregano
1 fresh bay leaf
Pea shoots to decorate the dish

Start by making the summer bean fricassee. Finley chop the onion and garlic and sweat off in a generous splash of olive oil  until soft. Add the cherry tomatoes, fresh basil and a bay leaf and cook out for 15 minutes on a low heat (you may need to add some tomato juice if the sauce gets too dry). Add the white wine and reduce. The tomatoes need to be cooked out to obtain a sauce-like consistency but I still like a few tomatoes to remain intact to give a rustic feel to the dish. Blanch the green beans, fresh peas and broad beans and refresh in iced water to retain the vibrant green colour. Remove the husk from the broad beans. Remove the cooked out basil leaves and bay leaf and add the vegetables to the fricassee at the last minute to heat through just before serving up. Also add some freshly chopped basil and oregano and season just before serving.

Make a creamy buttery mash with the Maris piper potatoes.

For the hake, simply coat the fillets in chopped black olives and a drizzle of olive oil (we use dehydrated olives to enhance the flavour) season and roast in a hot oven for approximately 6 minutes (depending on how thick the fillets are) on grease proof paper to stop the skin from sticking.

Plate up by spooning on the mash first, then add a good ladle full of bean fricassee and then add the fish and decorate with pea shoots.

I promise you that your guests will be blown away by how tasty this simple dish is!

Top tip- buy a rustic baguette or 2, from the Petit Prince in Westbourne and serve it with this dish.